Framingham, MA – is expanding its ControlSpace EX range with two new processors optimized for conferencing rooms (EX-440C and EX-12AEC) and a high-powered general purpose digital signal processor (EX-1280).

With an open-architecture all-in-one design, the ControlSpace EX-440C conferencing signal processor facilitates high-quality microphone integration and audio processing for small-to-medium standalone meeting rooms. Various inputs and outputs allow for flexible configuration: four mic/line analog inputs, four analog outputs, onboard VoIP and PSTN, USB, Bose AmpLink output, eight-channel acoustic echo cancelling (AEC), and 16 x 16 Dante connectivity.

With an open-architecture design, twelve acoustic echo cancellers (AEC), 16 x 16 Dante connectivity, and flexible signal processing, the ControlSpace EX-12AEC conferencing signal processor provides a robust expansion of control options and capabilities tailored for conference rooms using the ControlSpace EX-1280C processor – perfect for larger conference rooms, boardrooms and any space where Dante microphones are employed for conferencing.

With an open-architecture, single-rack-unit design, the ControlSpace EX-1280 is a robust digital signal processor equipped for general-purpose audio processing applications. Twelve mic/line analog inputs, eight analog outputs, Bose AmpLink out, and 64 x 64 Dante connectivity allow for flexible configuration and high-quality sound system control. The EX-1280 digital signal processor is designed for performance venues, places of worship, hospitality and resorts, and other spaces requiring intensive processing and scalability, offering increased functionality beyond the existing ControlSpace ESP engineered sound processor line.

ControlSpace Designer software simplifies the setup process for all three processors with intuitive drag-and-drop programming and conference-specific software tools that help reduce installation time and on-site errors.

These new models are compatible with Bose Professional’s line of Dante endpoints and end-user controllers - including wall-mount and mobile device control using ControlSpace Remote.

For more information, visit PRO.BOSE.COM.

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Orban Brings 12 New Products to NAB

NAB 2017, Booth N3203 – There are at least twelve good reasons for visiting the Orban booth at NAB this year. The company is introducing 12 new processing products ranging from a new top-of-the-line Optimod-FM processor to a suite of openGear cards for stereo and 5.1 surround TV.

Orban Expands SBE Teleconference Schedule

Orban Labs, a worldwide leader in audio processing for AM, FM, TV and Internet broadcasting, is continuing its series of SBE Teleconferences with company founder Bob Orban through the summer. These teleconferences are presented at selected SBE chapter meetings throughout the USA. Mr. Orban will make a 45-minute presentation at each meeting on audio processing and loudness control, followed by a Q&A session with attendees. Teleconferences are sponsored by Broadcast Supply Worldwide (BSW), longtime distributor of Orban Optimod audio processors.

Teranex 2D Processor Lives Up to Its Predecessors promo image

Teranex 2D Processor Lives Up to Its Predecessors

Blackmagic Design’s acquisition of Teranex in 2011 has led to considerable handwringing in the tech community—as reflected on the Internet—over the direction that one of the market’s most popular one-box converters would take.