Logitek Unveils Helix Console Series at NAB

New consoles feature multi-touch technology on 7" IPS screens and will be available in both physical and virtual editions. Visit NAB booth C1322 for a demonstration; visit https://helixconsole.com for more information.
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Houston, Texas – Logitek Electronic Systems and its R&D partner, Logitek Australia, have announced the Helix line of digital consoles, marking Logitek’s sixth generation of router-based digital consoles. Featuring a multi-touch interface and available in both physical and virtual editions, Helix provides users a touch-friendly experience across consoles, screens, tablets and phones. Physical consoles feature large physical on/off buttons combined with touch-sensitive motorized faders, allowing “eyes-free” operation; other functions such as source selection, bus assignments and macros appear on a 7” IPS touchscreen which can be fully customized. “Helix meets the challenges of modern broadcasting, which demands efficient use of physical hardware while retaining the flexibility needed for multiple users and operational situations,” said Tag Borland, Logitek President. “Glass cockpits are becoming ubiquitous throughout all industries, and users everywhere are now accustomed to touch interfaces on many devices. We are pleased to bring this flexibility and modern mode of operation to the broadcast studio.” The Helix interface is built on the latest multi-touch technology that drives mobile phones, tablets and modern app interfaces. Helix operation moves seamlessly between console touchscreens and other devices, giving multiple users access to functions they need without an array of expensive hardware panels. “You can take Helix with you as you walk around the station, do a remote, or connect to the studio from across the country,” Borland said. As remote users change fader positions, the motorized faders on the physical console will track the positions. Efficiency is further expanded with fader layers, providing flexible access to more virtual faders and saving on the cost of physical faders. Four products have been introduced in the Helix line: Helix Radio is available in sizes from 6 to 24 faders ; it includes a Monitor module and an HDMI output for a touchscreen meter/control bridge. Modules can be mounted in a single or split desktop frame. Helix Television is available in sizes from 6 to 36 faders, with a Monitor module for master mixing. It incorporates two master mix buses (one 5.1, one stereo), four stereo aux buses and four stereo submasters; frame delay is available at every fader. Helix Surface is a large format virtual console for the 28” Microsoft Surface Studio. The Helix interface fully mirrors the experience of physical Helix consoles, allowing it to be used in a variety of workflows. Helix Surface can be deployed for second control rooms, remote locations or even as a replacement for a physical console. It presents full multi-touch capabilities on a 4500 x 3000 DPI adjustable screen. The Helix interface also powers Logitek’s new vMix Touch, enabling it to present custom layouts across multiple devices and screen sizes. vMix Touch does not require a Windows PC or application, making it a true cross-platform multi-touch interface. The Helix line will make its debut at NAB 2017, booth C1322, and will also be shown at Broadcast Asia Singapore in May. Delivery of first orders is anticipated to occur in Summer 2017. About Logitek Electronic Systems Since 1979, Logitek has been designing and manufacturing innovative, simple to use products for broadcasters. The first North American console manufacturer to embrace router-based consoles (starting in the 1990s), Logitek also pioneered the use of virtual consoles/router controls for efficiency and space savings in the studio, and was the first to offer on-board profanity delays, processing and other functions in its console designs. Logitek’s networked console systems are used in radio and television facilities worldwide. Product information is available at www.logitekaudio.com. About Logitek Australia Celebrating 10 years of operation, Logitek Australia is highly experienced in radio & TV systems, installation, support and development. Logitek Australia is part of the OnAir Solutions group, employing a team of 16 Sydney-based staff and a team of installation contractors. Logitek Australia has deployed more than 70 Logitek systems for ABC Local Radio over the years, and is expert in system design, configuration, installation, commissioning and support. Logitek Australia is the Australian & New Zealand distributor for Logitek products, and is now taking on a distribution and support role for the Asian region. # # #


Orban Brings 12 New Products to NAB

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Logitek Partners With Australian Distributor to Form new R&D Center

Logitek Electronic Systems has partnered with its long-term Australian distributor, Logitek Australia, to open a new Research & Development facility in Sydney, Australia. The facility is based inside Logitek Australia’s high-tech Sydney office, which has dedicated spaces for development, support, equipment testing and demonstration.

Nautel User Group at NAB Moves to the Paris Las Vegas Conference Center

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