Getting the action from committee rooms to the public is critical

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — As the logistical backbone of the Tennessee state government, the Tennessee Department of General Services is responsible for everything from real estate asset management to state employee parking.

But one of its more important responsibilities is providing a video feed of legislative committee meetings from the nine committee rooms in use to the residents of the Volunteer State.

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To bring that to fruition, the department uses NVerzion automation technology in its engineering backroom. The agency’s NVerzion system connects to an Evertz house router that controls video feeds coming from the committee rooms. An NBase media database manager provides a database for recorded files, and NView media database viewer provides a graphical database representation for viewing the metadata file information relating to the playout video server. NControlMC master control system provides an automated playlist for the master control switcher.

Tying all this together is NVerzion’s fail-safe EMC-NT Ethernet machine control, providing control of physical device infrastructure and an interface with NVerzion software. The new NVerzion system streamlines the state house’s existing infrastructure, and triggers for downstream graphics, effects and voiceovers.

The automation system — which was designed to be flexible and modular — was organized with future expansion in mind. The system has left room for the addition of a future channel for in-house delivery and for an expanded content management system for automated record/prep.

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