Passic County Technical Institute Gets Upgrade With JVC Connected Cams

Vocational school's TV studio adds three GY-HC900 broadcast camcorders.
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WAYNE, N.J.—Students at the Passic County Technical Institute, a vocational school in New Jersey, have recently gotten an upgrade to their television studio with the acquisition of three JVC Connected Cam GY-HC900 broadcast camcorders. The cameras, which are paired with Canon lenses, are used to produce a variety of student projects.

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PCTI previously had three JVC cameras that the GY-HC900 models replaced. The cameras have three 2/3-inch CMOS sensors to produce full HD images, a B4 lens mount, a four-position optical filter, built-in Wi-Fi, dual external antennas, three XLR inputs and slow motion and HDR recording modes. These new models are integrated with the JVC FS-900 camera module, which provides a fiber-based studio solution. The cameras also feature an LCD monitor and zoom and focus controls.

Currently, the JVC cameras are being used exclusively in the studio, but there is hope from the school’s staff that the camera’s live streaming capabilities can be used in the future.