MSI Chicago Projects Giant Heart

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Photo by J.B. Spector, Museum of Science & Industry
In the Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago’s “YOU! The Experience” exhibit, visitors can synchronize a 13-foot-tall giant heart with their heartbeat.

Conceived and designed by Thinc Design with AV systems integration carried out by BBI Engineering Inc., the Giant Heart uses a special steel XURF projection surface fabricated by Milgo/Bufkin and an array of two projectiondesign F12 and three F22 projectors.

The units project a single, seamless moving image, with content coming from one of four different preprogrammed movies that emphasize different aspects of human heart function.

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Concealed behind the front-projection surface is a two-channel rear-projection screen utilizing two additional projectiondesign F22s to display the inner workings of the heart. The screen is normally hidden, but can be partially or entirely revealed by visitors via a touchscreen interface.

Four additional videos showing different aspects of cardiac activity provide content for the the second projection screen.

Videos for both screens are stored on customized 7thSense Delta media servers. Scientific animation specialist Xvivo produced the computer-generated, 3D animated media for the Giant Heart.