Lectrosonics Installed in Jefferson Parish Courthouse

The DM1624 takes all audio input from the various microphones and outputs signals to the room’s four zones of ceiling speakers.
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Sixteen DM1624 digital automatic matrix mixers from Lectrosonics are now enabling unattended audio mixing following a renovation of the A/V facilities at the 24th Judicial District Court in Jefferson Parish, La., which has most jurisdiction over most of the suburbs of greater New Orleans.

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Cory Ancar of Crescent Multimedia Solutions with one of the 24th Judicial District Court’s equipment racks Metairie, La.-based http://crescentmms.com/ Crescent Multimedia Solutions, a design/build firm that specializes in courtroom A/V, took on the project, in the Thomas F. Donelon Building

“There were two primary considerations that influenced our decision to deploy the Lectrosonics DM Series processors,” said Cory Ancar, president, CEO, systems designer and project manager at Crescent. “First, we needed an audio mixing system that could operate effectively in an unattended environment and, for this; the Lectrosonics DM processors are an ideal match. As there are no AV technicians on site at the court, this was a crucial consideration. Secondly, the ability to seamlessly interface the audio mixing system with the control system that would manage the entire setup was essential. As the plan called for a Crestron control system in each of the 16 courtrooms, the DM1624’s ability to interface with and be governed by the Crestron controller made it the right tool for the job.”

In each of the court’s 16 courtrooms, the DM1624 takes all audio input from the various microphones and outputs signals to the room’s four zones of ceiling speakers. Additionally, there are three laptop computer interfaces throughout each courtroom for easy integration with the house A/V system, as well as a DVD/VCR combo deck at the podium. These inputs also get routed through a switcher and into the DM processor’s auto mixer. In addition to the audio feeds for the various ceiling loudspeakers, each DM processor also provides a feed to a separate audio recording system for courtroom documentation purposes.

Crescent configured the DM processors with Lectrosonics’ LecNet2 software.

“This software, which runs on our notebook computers, enables us to address auto-mixing, mix-minus auto zoning, teleconferencing, and other setups easily and effectively. This way, each room’s configuration gets saved not only to the individual processor, but to the computer as well—so each division has its own file that we save individually,” said Ancar.

“I’ve also been impressed with the DM1624’s ability to interact with the Crestron controller,” he said. “The DM communicates with the Crestron system via RS-232, so the end user really has no interaction with the DM processor itself, and this minimizes the chances for something to be inadvertently changed. Every aspect of the overall A/V system’s capabilities is accessed through the Crestron and, as a result, there’s one consistent interface for the entire A/V system.”

Reflecting on the installation, Ancar reports the Lectrosonics DM processors have been bulletproof in their operation and that the client is very pleased with the resulting audio performance. “Our client is ecstatic over the quality of the audio system,” Ancar notes. “They are particularly pleased with the fact that they’ve encountered absolutely no audio issues such as feedback, nor have they required any adjustments since the system was set up."

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