Joint Base Lewis-McChord Expands Video Storage and Archive System

Military video system grows with EditShare hardware.
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EditShare XStream and Ark systems at Lewis-McChord

Boston, MA– In July, Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state completed a expansion of its shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow system at the facility's Enterprise Multimedia Center. The upgrade extensively used components from EditShare, a manufacturer of media storage and asset management products.

The upgrade at Lewis-McChordincluded 224TB of EditShare XStream storage, EditShare Flow for media asset management, Ark Tape for backup and archiving, and 10GBaseT connectivity for the Center’s Avid editing workstations. The Center, which handles local multimedia production at the combined Army and Air Force base, also provides support to smaller production units in a wide region that spans from Texas to Korea.

“We installed a small EditShare system several years ago and have used the system extensively for shared storage and collaborative editing. After the bases merged a few years ago, our responsibilities increased, and we needed faster connectivity and more capacity. It made practical and economic sense to take advantage of EditShare’s XStream to give us high performance and additional storage along with the asset management capabilities of Flow and the reliability of Ark backup and archiving,” said Mike Cullum, supervisor for multimedia sound and presentation at the Center. “The XStream and 10GBaseT connectivity give us the full-throttled performance we need, and we now have more than 200TB of storage that all our Avid editors work on together.”

Cullum anticipates faster production times for future projects thanks to EditShare Flow’s asset management capabilities.

“Adding metadata to footage with Flow will make finding and retrieving assets much easier," he said. "Whether we need to locate sequences featuring a Stryker armored vehicle, clips from a change of command or awards ceremony, or comments from a general at a press conference, we’ll be able to find the clips much quicker and with more precision.

"And with EditShare Ark, we can even search content that’s in our tape archive. Previously, we’ve had to rely on notes or our memories to find clips, and it really took a lot of time. We’ll also be using Ark for backing up our primary files.”

EditShare was pleased that one of its long-standing customers called upon the company to do a major upgrade.

“We love that so many of our customers, such as Lewis-McChord, come back to us not only to expand their storage but to take advantage of our family of tapeless workflow products for ingest, asset management, archiving, backup and playout,” said Andy Liebman, founder and CEO of EditShare. “We continue to focus on offering cost-effective and integrated storage and workflow solutions for all types of media scenarios that add productivity and save money.”


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