GV Expo 2011 Produces Business for A/V Equipment Producers

The three day event that featured presentations by leading audiovisual experts, broadcasters and showcased innovative products
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The GV Expo 2011 exhibit hall attracted industry and government practitioners.

Government Video Expo (GV Expo) 2011 attracted 4,100 attendees to the three day event that featured presentations by leading audiovisual experts, broadcasters and showcased innovative products.

However, a prominent, last minute attendee to GV Expo had the staff excited and proud. That attendee was Hope Hall, the current White House videographer, who attended a presentation by Arun Chaudhary, the former White House videographer. Chaudhary provided a behind the scenes look at video production for the Obama administration [he is writing a book about his experiences].

Other attendees were drawn to GV Expo seeking to increase business, including Eyal Menin, the president of UVision Inc. who was representing Keisoku Gegiken Company Ltd. “We exhibited at GV Expo in 2003; at the time we showed more desktop related tools such as encoding software and turnkey solutions to capture video and stream it into desktops,” he said.

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Government Video editor J.J. Smith and White House videographer Hope Hall.

“We decided to exhibit again [in 2011] because we see a trend in the market where video is no longer just shown on desktop computers, but it’s moving more to mobile equipment like the iPad, Android tablets, and to smartphones,” Menin said. Because “iPhones are able to see video, we decided GV Expo was a good opportunity to show the hardware needed to capture the video,” he added. “GV Expo is an opportunity to meet those people who really require the high-end video capability.”

Robert Mallin, account manager-federal sales for Rose Electronics, said his company has had a presence at GV Expo for the last four years because the show “is very beneficial to us in the A/V and the broadcasting sector.” Rose Electronics has “gotten away” from IT, and it has “integrated all of our products so you can do IT or audiovisual or broadcasting,” Mallin said. “Our sales have increased because of this show, and we’ll want to go ahead and do it again in the future,” he added.

Bill Hollis of Telecast Fiber Systems said GV Expo is a way to get the company’s products out in front of potential clients. “Government Video Expo is very important to Telecast Fiber Systems because the company is centric to the broadcast video and sports world, and a lot of our fiber-optic products have been embraced by the government for video production and operations within the military; they are very big accounts for us and this is a very important show.”

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The winners of the first day’s GV Expo 2011 drawing, from left, are Chad Moore, Marisha Tapera, Sherri Peterson, Anton Gelman, John Graham, Jeff Sliauzis and Bill Neveker.

GV Expo is also a show that some companies are using to expand into the eastern United States. Such a company is Teradek, which is based in California, but which is unknown on the east coast, said Nicol Verheem, the company’s CEO. The advantage for exhibiting at GV Expo for Teradek is it is both on the east coast and in Washington, he said. “We’re hoping to get good exposure” for the company’s broadcast products by not only government and military agencies, but also by the Washington bureaus of national and international news agencies and television networks, he added.


That type of exposure is why other companies, including Litepanels Inc., exhibit at GV Expo. “What we get out of this show is a lot of yearend government business,” said Fred Horne, Litepanels’ regional sales manager. “We find that about a week after the show we have a lot of government agencies contacting us for their year-end purchases because they have capital that has been saved until the end of the year, and now they have to spend it, or lose it,” he said, adding, “The sales side of the show are very high.” GV Expo is one of three show on the east coast that are must attends for audiovisual companies, Horne said. “GV Expo is an eastern seaboard show that is well respected in the industry and has to be done.”

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While the speakers and exhibits are always informative, a favorite event at GV Expo is the prize drawings held both days of the conference, and GV Expo 2011 was no different.

NewBay Media, publisher of Government Video and sponsor of GV Expo 2011, provided two iPads for the drawing. The other companies participating included Alzo Video; Cobalt Digital Inc.; Communications Engineering Inc.; JVC Professional Products; Miller Camera Support; Omnimusic; RUSHWORKS; Snapstream; Telemetrics Inc.; Tiffen Company and VBrick.


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Partnerships Expand GV Expo 2012

It is that time of year again when government broadcasters and video producers have the opportunity to meet with the makers of video equipment and products at Government Video Expo 2012, thereby enabling broadcast policy to be realized by employing the latest video technologies.