Government Call Centers Can Access Cloud-Based Video Communications

Stratus Video hosts the entire needed infrastructure for the client.
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Stratus Video, a company that provides unified phone/video communications, is offering government agencies cloudbased video language services that would reduce costs for those agencies, says Peter Hayes, Stratus’ chief of technology development.

Stratus Video has the capability to use an agency’s existing video endpoints so the organization does not have to acquire any infrastructure such as multi-conferencing units in order to use video communications, says Hayes. Stratus “hosts all that in the cloud for you,” he said.


Stratus offers two products, the Video Call Center (VCC) and the Video Exchange Hub (VEH), Hayes said. The VCC is the first video automated call distribution system that exists in the cloud, and which provides the same telephone services government call centers now offer, he said. But the VCC also provides video services, he said.

T he VEH also provides cloud-based unified communication services with the real advantage to agencies that uses the VCC or VEH is those services can be accessed without agencies having to invest millions of dollars in infrastructure, Hayes said. Agencies can contract Stratus Video to operate a full call center, or for routing services while the agency’s “have their own people in the seats” answering the calls, he said. “However they want to do it.”

In addition, there are services Status Video can quickly provide such as language translation for deaf or non-English speaking clients, Hayes said. “For example, if someone [who is deaf] were to walk into a Social Security office, that office could get a video interpreter in American sign language for the deaf, or any other spoken language right there on the screen,” he said.

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The technology Stratus Video is using for the VCC and VEH came from the deaf world, Hayes said. “ We help thousands of deaf government employees,” he said. In addition, the systems can be used for any other type of call where video would add to the value, or exchange information faster, as well as internal communications from inside a government agency, including for home workers, he said. Stratus’ system is highly secure so agencies can have secure connections to Stratus, he said. Stratus hosts the entire needed infrastructure for the client, who would not have to make any infrastructure investments, he said.