For 3D Microsurgery Visualization, TrueVision Looks to JVC Monitor

 The better the surgeon can see, the better the surgery is probably going to go.
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Surgeons using TrueVision 3D Surgical, a real-time 3D microsurgery visualization platform that lets them view a surgical procedure on a high-resolution monitor instead of looking through a microscope, have strict demands for visual quality.

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TrueVision 3D Surgical is using the JVC GD-463D10U 46-inch 3D LCD HD monitor as part of its real-time 3D visualization platform. In the case of the TrueVision system, the monitor is a JVC GD-463D10U 46-inch 3D LCD.

“Basically, in surgery, visualization is everything,” said Rob Reali, vice president of operations and marketing for TrueVision, based in Santa Barbara, Calif. “The better the surgeon can see, the better the surgery is probably going to go. TrueVision frees the surgeon from the bondage of being stuck on the eyepiece.” ? 

?Designed to record, edit, and playback 3D 1080p content, the TrueVision system brings patient data and images from the exam room into the OR. It also provides better ergonomics for the surgeon and lets the whole operating team can see and follow the procedure. The company is also working on a guidance platform for microsurgery, which is currently in a clinical study.? 

?TrueVision began offering its 3D visualization systems equipped with JVC GD-463D10U monitors about a year ago and has already sold dozens of systems to doctors, hospitals, and medical 3D theaters. Before integrating the JVC 3D monitor, TrueVision systems included a cumbersome dual-projector system, complete with a large, folding screen. “JVC’s 3D monitor is a game-changer for TrueVision in the most positive sense,” said Reali. ? 

?Reali said a passive 3D system is mandatory for TrueVision, because active shutter glasses have too many potential problems. With its integrated Xpol polarizing filter, the JVC GD-463D10U monitor uses inexpensive polarized (passive) glasses to produce flicker-free 3D HD images.?

??The processing speed of the GD-463D10U is also very important.

“Surgeons are operating in real time,” said Reali. “Their hand movements have to match exactly. The JVC monitor has no noticeable delay [latency] from the real-time action at the surgical target to what you see on the screen.”? 

?Reali said surgeons using the TrueVision system appreciate the excellent color and contrast ratio of the GD-463D10U, which accurately displays the subtle shades that can mean the difference between cancerous and non-cancerous tissue. ? 

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