New vario family member expands traditional KVM roles

In an effort to integrate virtual servers into existing KVM physical switch systems, IHSE USA announced an expansion of its Draco vario series with the new Draco vario remote IP CPU extender module.

This virtual KVM solution allows users to create a virtual multitasking environment where multiple operating systems and applications can be accessed directly from the physical console of a Draco KVM.

The device is suited to control rooms with virtualized process automation, network operation centers that require real-time access to real/virtual target devices, and environments that are increasingly relying on virtualized desktops.

Virtualization makes KVM infrastructure simpler and more efficient, the company said, by allowing applications to deploy faster.

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With the IP CPU extender module, users can access virtual machines directly from their own KVM-connected workstations via remote desktop protocol or perform PC maintenance remotely. Functions include real-time switching, sharing, private mode, and unrestricted access to all connected computers and virtual machines. Users are also able to access multiple sessions at once; a single Draco vario Remote IP CPU extender module allows multiple sessions to run in parallel. Sessions can be displayed and operated either individually in full-screen or in multiview configuration.

“The use of virtualization is growing more important in the world of KVM technology, and people are beginning to see how it can work more efficiently to save money and lower overall digital display management cost,” said Dan Holland, marketing manager for IHSE USA. “They no longer need to access those critical components through two separate systems. Instead, they can now access and control both through one homogeneous solution.”

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