Alabama Agency Connects Video With Starbak

And it’s saving time and money, all without burdening its own WAN.
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ADRS staff videoconference with the Starbak system.
The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services employs some 800 rehabilitation professionals covering across 67 counties. Operating with limited bandwidth, it’s using an enterprise video platform from Burlington, Mass.-based Starbak to give staff access to targeted and timely on-demand skills training videos. ADRS is also leveraging Starbak to deliver frequent, video-based public announcements and executive addresses. And it’s saving time and money, all without burdening its own WAN.

“ADRS’s employees now have instant access to a rich library of discipline-specific training and departmental videos and agency information,” said Buck Jordan, IT systems specialist for ADRS. “The Starbak system has enabled us to expedite and simplify the training process, ultimately improving the quality of care that we deliver to our consumers.”

The Starbak system consists of distributed delivery nodes and local streaming servers that reside on ADRS’s private network. Starbak’s solution allows video files and streams to be served locally to viewers over high-bandwidth corporate LANs, preserving scarce and valuable WAN bandwidth.

The agency runs a T1 line to most of its offices, which would become saturated very quickly if too many employees chose to access content from our video library or view a public announcement at the same time.

“With Starbak’s unique distributed model, all video runs on each individual local network as opposed to across our WAN, guaranteeing viewers a high-quality, TV-like viewing experience,” he said. “And we don’t need to worry about our network crashing.”

MORE INFO STARBAK Jane Elizabeth Burdeshaw, ADRS human resource development director, said posting videos from the agency’s rudimentary production studio is easy and the technology is effectively transparent for the users. Managers can easily specify who gets access to which video and can attach documents or other links right on the video.

The agency has purchased three more Starbak units and plans to initiate signage applications in some of its headquarters areas around the start of 2010.


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