Wohler Makes AMP1-MADIe Audio Monitor Available

Company outfits new broadcast facility
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Wohler Technologies is shipping its newest audio monitor, the AMP1-MADIe, initially providing 60 units to a new network broadcast facility.
This in-rack portable multiple asynchronous device interface (MADI) audio monitor has Ethernet control and configuration and can be connected in series with a 56- or 64-channel MADI stream for audible monitoring of any eight selected channels at once. The AMP1-MADIe simplifies setup, selection and monitoring of signals.
The AMP1-MADIe provides a light-emitting diode (LED)-backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) display that shows simultaneous metering and monitoring of user-selected channels, with access to stored configurations of any eight channels for navigation among all 64 channels in an optical or digital MADI stream.
An Ethernet connection and a free software graphical user interface (GUI) support fast configuration of AMP1-MADIe units distributed across a MADI network and let users control multiple units from a single PC workstation. The AMP1-MADIe is packaged in a 4-inch deep, 1-rack unit (RU) chassis with level meters, master volume and channel volume.