What Type Of Security Camera System Do You Need?

“Tech Featured” has a few tips to help you figure that out
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Shopping around for a new surveillance camera system?

Deciding on the right type of closed circuit television system (CCTV) is important and there are many to choose from.

The oldest CCTV units on the market are analog systems, which are typically the cheapest and could be the most useful depending on its purpose.

Another type is hybrid CCTV systems. These utilize analog cameras and signal converters that digitalize the camera feeds so they can be stored more economically or manipulated easier.

The latest CCTV systems are IP based. In this format, cameras are hooked into the network and can be accessed from a single user interface. Some systems even allow for a user to access cameras from far away distances. The installation process is often seen as simpler with IP camera setups when compared to analog or hybrid systems, as less cords are required.

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