WEISSCAM Unveils T-Plug Connector

Extends the overall flexibility of the company’s T-CAM digital film camera, increasing connectivity to external devices
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WEISSCAM, a camera producer, unveils the T-PLUG connector that extends the overall flexibility of the company’s T-CAM digital film camera increasing connectivity to external devices.

The T-PLUG is a slim and compact breakout connector that provides a high performance interface to the T-CAM for “RAW” data and high definition (HD) video formats, camera commands and power, WEISSCAM says.

The camera’s T-PLUG allows for the creation of cables of different lengths and configurations, WEISSCAM says. Industry standard connectors at the user end connect external devices like monitors, recorders and viewfinders etc. and make working with additional equipment at the film set easy and straightforward.

However, when WEISSCAM compared all multi-core connector solutions currently available, it became clear the company needed to develop a connector for the T-CAM that maintains design constraints of its ultra-compact form factor and user friendly design, while offering a high performance interface, said Stefan Weiss, the firm’s CEO. WEISSCAM says the T-PLUG offers full connectivity to any other device by providing:

-- Multiple general purpose pins for sync signals and camera commands

-- Video out pins, switchable between HD-serial digital interface (SDI) and 3G-SDI, transferring HD 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 or RAW uncompressed. The number of outputs is selectable from one to six

-- Power out pins for supplying accessories


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