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It answers the basic, time-honored question: Where'd the money go?
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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was one of the first major pieces of legislation passed by the Obama Administration, and represented its first major salvo against the economic crises.

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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has its own website and logo. And while the final consensus on the effectiveness of the bill remains elusive, the government has made available tons of facts about the so-called Stimulus Bill on a Website,

It answers the basic, time-honored question: Where'd the money go?

This site not only has plenty of info; it also LOOKS like an up-to-date Website with easy navigation, smooth lines a dignified overall look in keeping with White House standards.

Dig around; you can check out the projects in your neighborhood. Or find a Congressional District whose representative wagged a finger at the funds with one hand, while gratefully accepting the money with the other.

You can search by ZIP Code, Congressional District, state and more. And remember, if you see ZIP codes like 99999, that doesn't mean it's a fraudulent deal; it just means that the particular project covered multiple ZIP codes, or the exact ZIP code is not determined. (This common data-recording method escaped some folks who spotted the 99999s and breathlessly sent out press released about the "fraud" they discovered.)

It also combines stimulus data wither other federal data including unemployment and demographics for richer ways of viewing the data.

One may not agree that the stimulus was the way to go. But the Administration, no fools they, are stating their case, answering basic questions about the tax dollars and facilitating citizen involvement with a user-friendly Website... the Government Video Website of the Week!

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