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 It's a comprehensive and handy guide to the calorie count of what seems like thousands of foods.
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Americans eat a lot of junk. I mean a LOT of junk. Pre-processed, high in fats, starches sugar and salt… With stealth garbage hidden in almost everything, we run the risk of raising a generation with a lower life expectancy than our own.

Naturally, the government's here to help. But before you go whining about the nanny-state and the government telling us what to eat, realize that making good information easily available is NOT the same as telling us what to do.

So, one of the many apps now available at is the mobile version of, produced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It's a comprehensive and handy guide to the calorie count of what seems like thousands of foods. Search for a basic food type (say, "potatoes"), and you get dozens of types of potato preparation, from Pringle's chips on to the delicious "potato skins with cheese and bacon," packing 1,667 calories--nearly all most people need in a day.

Extra sour cream? The site allows you to select a bunch of add-ons as well.

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The mobile version of

It also breaks those calories down into regular and "extra" calories--they're talking sugar, solid fats and alcohol--of which the government only recommends 267 a day for most people.

The shortcoming of the site: no further breakdown into other elements like sodium, fiber, simple carbs, saturated fats and so on.

So thanks to your iPhone or other mobile device, you can now use this site just where you need it, like at a restaurant. But Government Video would still rate as rude behavior busting it out at Sardi's and ruining your fellow-diners' enjoyment with a lecture on calories.

Still, for putting information into our hands and giving us one less excuse for eating poorly, is the Government Video Website of the Week!

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