Website of the Week: Live from the Panama Canal

Unlike some sites with Webcams, this one provides some higher-definition versions as well as a non-Flash option.
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It’s cold outside. But around the Panama Canal, it was a balmy 27 Celsius (80 F) Monday morning, and the locks looked like they were working smoothly to connect the Atlantic and the Pacific.

You can take a look yourself, because the Panama Canal Authority (part of the government of Panama) has thoughtfully provided an excellent Website that includes live Webcam views of some key areas of the canal.

And unlike some sites with Webcams, this one provides some higher-definition versions as well as a non-Flash option. With a click, you can get some panoramic views and and even request different camera angles.

This video look at one of the engineering and economic wonders of the world is just the start; the site also provides tons of relevant information like environmental reports, plans for the future, information on finances, operations, bidding on projects and more.

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A view of the Miraflores locks in the Pamana Canal But a look at the video—featuring some monster-side cargo ship—is a reminder of this series of waterways and how it effects our lives every day by saving cargo from that long trip around South America.

Plus, as with any Webcam, there’s the possibility of surprises. In this case, on Monday morning a bird was perching near one of the cameras, creating the illusion of a freighter-sized beast taking over the passage.

So, because its shows what any Website focused on a major piece of infrastructure, the site,, (with both English and Spanish versions) is the Government Video Website of the Week.

And, check out last week's Website of the Week, where the California Ski Industry Association, teaming up with the U.S. Forest Service, kicks out some timely safety videos.

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