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 Economic and demographic data sets, customized maps, drilled down to small cities and counties?'s got it.
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Want your piece of the pie? Better fill out that Census form.

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Employment/population ratios mapped in some Georgia counties, from the U.S. Census

At the Website of the U.S. Census, there are some video testimonials encouraging folks to participate not just in the census, but also the American Community Survey, a more in-depth look at how people live and work. And that's important, since some people are rubbed the wrong way by the government inquiry, and some groups of people are systematically undercounted, and even a member of Congress has advised people AGAINST responding to the Census, apparently fearing some nefarious use of the data.

But that's not the reason is the Government Video Website of the Week.

No, that honor comes because of what the site has offered from some time: a whole lot of demographics and economic information about the country, the states and territories and even thousands of cities and counties.

If it's a place with more than 25,000 inhabitants, you can find out its composition of humans by various measures, plus things like home value, home ownership rate, median income, and the area's total wholesale, retail, service economies.

And, you can map any county in the country, and present customized data sets from the bureau's storehouse of data in what seems to be an infinite number of combinations.

You can even go back in time and run data from earlier censuses.

That's all a bonus. The primarily purpose of the Census is to measure the population for the purpose of representation in Congress; and federal funds from all sorts of programs get distributed according to Census figures.

So, check out some of the data. And send in those forms!

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