Website of the Week FAIL: North Korea Online

Why should we believe North Korea's denial that their Twitter feed is really theirs?
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Is the North Korea web page,, really the North Korea web page? Maybe so, but if so it's probably the only presence on the web of the secretive nation.

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Kim Jong Il That's right: According to Forbes, which heard directly from a spokesman through whatForbes thinks is the actual website for the country, those reports the last couple of weeks that Kim Jong Il was all Twittering and FaceBooking are not quite true. Apparently some such feeds are being done by regime supporters in other countries, but not by the government itself.

Of course, the North Koreans are so sneaky, how can Forbes be sure that it found the true website of North Korea? And further, why should Forbeseven believe Pyongyang Pete, or whoever the self-proclaimed spokesman for Kim Jong Il is? Or, couldn't this all be a plot by North Korea to actually try a Twitter feed, and then divert negative attention by denying that it was theirs?

Which leaves us which self-proclaimed official web page for North Korea, And it's just crummy enough to be the work of the North Koreans. Dated galleries, no video, no Flash, no welcome speech from Kim Jong Il.

The top of the news goes to a 1992 speech from Kim Il Sung, father of the current leader, promising reunification of the Korean peninsula in the 1990s.

There's more… Like a 160-page biography of father and son, and some information on the history of the nation.

And, like most of what we see of North Korea, it leaves you with that creepy feeling: can this be for real? Is this REAL bad North Korean propaganda, or is it FAKE bad North Korean propaganda produced by our own leaders, to spur even more worldwide contempt for the authoritarian, closed society? If they can't even make as decent a web page as your local county commission, then just what kind of a nation are they?

Anyway, take a look at if you're ready for a view into the leadership of one of the most bizarre places on earth and if your anti-virus software is up to date. Yes, the North Koreans have this week's Government Video Website of the Week!

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