Vuzix Unveils Augmented Reality Video Eyewear

The STAR 1200 is a see-through, AR-enabled binocular video eyewear with potential for industrial, commercial, defense and some consumer applications.
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Vuzix Corporation, a supplier of video eyewear in the defense, consumer and media markets, unveils its “STAR” (see-through augmented reality) video eyewear.

The STAR 1200 is a see-through, AR-enabled binocular video eyewear that is expected to be used in industrial, commercial, defense and some consumer applications, Vuzix says.

Building from Vuzix’ award winning technology in AR-enabled video eyewear, the new display will allow users to view the real world scene while also viewing relevant computer generated information, graphics and alerts. The AR glasses will provide connectivity to video graphics array (VGA), component and composite video sources, the company says The STAR 1200 is equipped with “6 degrees of freedom” (DOF) motion tracking sensors and a built in camera for tracking and recognizing the real world.

This allows 3D computer generated content to be locked in place when overlaid within the user’s real worldview, the firm says.

The STAR is Vuzix’ first see-through AR-enabled video eyewear model with a native 16:9 format that offers full color WVGA (852 x 480) support with built in camera and sensors for AR tracking, according to Vuzix. The see-through displays provide a video viewing experience similar to a 60-inch flat panel television viewed from 10-feet. The STAR 1200 is the world’s first high-resolution16:9 widescreen video eyewear on the market today, the company says.

The STAR is expected to ship in August 2011. The company is offering all advance order customers the current Wrap 920AR Video Eyewear immediately for application development and testing purposes for no additional charge so customers can immediately begin using Vuzix’ current software developer kit (SDK) and 3D AR creation tool, MaxReality.