VS Security Products Debuts the DataGauss Pulse Technology Hard Drive Eraser

Erase sensitive hard drives faster than ever.
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VS Security Products recently announced a new compact hard drive eraser, DataGauss. Using state-of-the-art pulse technology, the new degausser offers the fastest and most effective method of completely erasing data from hard drives. The DataGausscan securely erase a hard drive in just 45 seconds.

Degaussers erase data through a strong magnetic field that destroys all information recorded on the media. The DataGauss is processor controlled and uses pulse technology to store a massive charge that is then released in a sudden burst or pulse. The pulse lasts just 100 milliseconds but is powerful enough to ensure that the data is completely erased.

Well known for its Verity Degausser products, VS Security Products has been designing and manufacturing data erasing solutions for nearly 30 years.

“The vulnerability of information stored on personal computers and server hard drives is a recognized security risk,”said David Tucker, managing director of VS Security Products. “As companies collect an ever-growing amount of data, disposal of media that hold sensitive data must be managed responsibly. Sensitive and confidential data that reaches the public domain can present companies with high financial penalties and law suits, not to mention a loss of reputation. We developed this new degausser in response to companies and organizations who are demanding faster and more cost effective solutions to the permanent erasure of confidential and sensitive data from hard drives. The DataGauss offers extreme safety and meets the latest ICNIRP Magnetic Exposure Guidelines.”