Vimond Unveils ‘Vimond Control Center’ Which Speeds Content Flow

The VCC has a self-service component that enables contributors to load content
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Vimond Media Solutions, which develops and markets systems to manage over-the-top television (OTT) services, unveils the Vimond Control Center (VCC), a video management tool that accelerates the publishing of content.

The VCC was designed for broadcasters and distributors that want to monetize their content directly to end users, and for content distributors seeking to broaden their offerings and provide catch-up services, Vimond says.

“We designed VCC to address critical issues facing today’s content owners,” said Helge Hoibraaten, Vimond Media Solutions’ CEO. The VCC focuses on multiscreen deployment, over-the-top production workflow, speed and integration, he says. Vimond has also included new features that make VCC a complete online TV tool, he adds.

Among those features is a self-service component that enables OTT service providers to attract a large pool of content contributors by giving them restricted access to their accounts, the company says. The content contributors log in to the provider’s VCC installation, create their own channels and upload their own videos to be distributed over the provider’s Vimond platform, the firm says. However, an administrator on the service-provider side approves the content before it is published, and that approval workflow gives the provider greater moneymaking potential with little effort, according to Vimond.

Using the content contributor feature, providers can create a single service with a unified look and feel through which they publish content from multiple sources, or allow content owners to create their own branded channels, which get published via the provider’s Vimond platform.

“With the VCC, there are no limits to the kind of service providers can build,” Hoibraaten said. The “VCC makes it easier to create more avenues for revenue for both providers and contributors, so everybody wins,” he added.


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