Vigilant Control Software Now Automatically Adjusts to Available Bandwidth

This enables operators to view surveillance video from remote sites over a limited bandwidth infrastructure.
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Vigilant Technology has released the latest version of its NetView IP Matrix Control Center Management Solution.

NetView 3.0 enhancements support H.264 compression capabilities, multi-site remote access over low bandwidth, an intuitive touch-screen driven user interface and added support for megapixel cameras.

Central to the system is Vigilant’s Remote Gateway Server, which automatically adjusts bit-rate and frame rate according to available bandwidth. This enables operators to view surveillance video from remote sites over a limited bandwidth infrastructure eliminating the need for a high-cost high-bandwidth infrastructure.

The new version includes NetView Command, a touch screen application combining active map navigation with an on-screen CCTV keyboard.

“This unique intuitive user interface allows security professionals to effectively identify incidents, notify and inform the appropriate personnel both off and on site, and efficiently manage actions to be taken,” said Ohad Kleinman, director of product management for Vigilant Technologies. “We recognize the tremendous pressure that is being placed on security professionals to respond quickly, and feel confident that these features will enable them to take appropriate measures to either avert a crisis, or at least minimize damages.”

NetView 3.0 also extends its third-party IP device support for megapixel cameras.

The Vigilant NetView range of products is designed for mission critical, multi-site environments, such as transport, gaming, retail, finance and public space.

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