VidiCert Enrolled to Help Indiana University Digitization Project

System will be used for incoming quality control after delivery of digitized files
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BLOOMINGTON, IND.—Indiana University has embarked on a large scale digitization project, setting out to digitally preserve and provide access to its libraries’ stock of audio and visual recordings by 2020. To provide assistance with this Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative, IU has brought in VidiCert to ensure the quality of the process.

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Integrated into IU’s workflow, the system will monitor incoming quality control of digitized files through a two-step process: First, a fully automated process detects segments exhibiting defects; second, the detection results are validated by a human operator to create a defect report.

“The automatic defect-detection capabilities for film material will enable our QC staff to efficiently and strategically navigate the results of the automatic detection stage,” said Carla Arton, MDPI director of technical operations for IU.


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