VideoIQ, Exacq Technologies Partner on Camera Analytics

Joint customers will benefit from the cooperative blend of hardware and software.
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VideoIQ, a producer of video surveillance equipment, has partnered with Exacq Technologies, a leading developer of “video management system” (VMS) solutions for security and surveillance applications, VideoIQ says in a written statement.

The new partnership and integration allows joint customers to benefit from VideoIQ’s award adaptive analytics embedded within every VideoIQ iCVR-HD camera, iCVR D1 dome camera, iCVR encoder, and iCST streaming cameras and encoders, VideoIQ says.

VideoIQ cameras and encoders quickly and accurately pinpoint security threats, generating real-time alerts so customers can prevent theft and vandalism before incidents occur. The camera’s advanced threat detection relies on VideoIQ’s patented adaptive analytics, capable of uniquely distinguishing people, vehicles and boats from other objects, animals and scene movement, the company says.

VideoIQ’s adaptive analytics are also 100 percent self calibrating, eliminating the need to tune or adjust the analytics during installation or over the life of the device, dramatically reducing costs while delivering greater accuracy, and, unlike other analytic technologies, iCVR-HD models feature full megapixel analytic processing for two times the range, and three times the field of view of any D1 video analytic solution available.

The “exacqVision” VMS software runs on factory installed hybrid and “internet protocol” (IP) camera servers, or can be installed on commercial off-the-shelf servers. It is scalable from a small single camera solution to large-scale enterprise corporate or campus systems with thousands of cameras, says VideoIQ. Real-time and recorded video can be viewed, managed and configured from any location on the network.

"exacqVision enables customers to automatically perform specific actions based upon internal or external events,” said Roger Shuman, Exacq Technologies’ marketing manager. “With VideoIQ’s analytics, we are able to deliver alarms with a higher accuracy than before, ensuring event notifications are sent only when incidents worth investigating are detected.”

“The exacqVision VMS solution, coupled with VideoIQ’s analytics, provide a proactive and accurate surveillance system that cuts down on false alarms and costly and unnecessary investigations,” said Mark Gally, VideoIQ’s vice president marketing. “With Exacq’s technology, our joint customers have the flexibility to blend VideoIQ and other IP camera systems, and to access video of events with web browsers and mobile devices, providing superior monitoring whenever and wherever they are.”