Video Depositions Go High Tech with MIVNET Connect

Cloud-based video collaboration solution from MIVNET puts new capabilities into the hands of attorneys
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MIVNET Connect, a cloud-based, high-definition multipoint video collaboration solution from MIVNET, is taking advantage of new technology to empower attorneys with new, affordable videoconferencing capabilities ideally suited to video depositions.

Features of the system include dynamic display of multiple video images, concurrent desktop sharing, detachable tiles, streaming services, high-resolution and zooming for all received video, multiple simultaneous camera support, self-optimizing cloud fabric for uninterrupted/continuously high quality, connections to any bridge, and whisper conferencing.

In addition to video, MIVNET Connect allows attendees to view and share multiple desktops at once. It can merge the main deposition video with an array of input devices, such as laptops and tablets, which attorneys can use to share notes, show evidence, and more.

“Many of us believe that video depositions are far more convincing than written transcripts, printed documents or exhibited evidence,” said Mark Levy, MIVNET managing director. “But using the multi-input capabilities of MIVNET Connect running on mobile devices through the cloud, all of these elements can now be easily streamed together at the same time within the same deposition.”

The system gives attorneys the ability to interact live with the deponent so the witness can articulate through the evidence as it’s presented to them, the company said.

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