Veveo Speech-Based Interface Technology Patent

Veveo aims to improve speech recognition.
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Veveo has been awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in the area of speech-based interfaces for devices that allow natural conversations similar to the way people speak with each other, the company said.

The patent, entitled “Method of and System for Using Conversation State Information in a Conversational Interaction System” (USPTO No. 8,577,671), covers a speech-based system’s capability to recognize whether a subsequent query is related to the previous one that a user input into a system, thereby allowing the user to build on a previous query without repetition. This capability also allows devices to “know” when a context has changed or is ambiguous, thereby giving users appropriate responses that appear natural and humanlike.

The system maintains awareness of the user’s intent, thereby offering the ability to drill down into a query, as well as change queries during navigation. As a result, the application of this technology allows the natural thought progression that is typical when trying to navigate content libraries.