U.S. Awards Silvus ‘Fixed Wireless at a Distance’ Contract

The program seeks to enable pervasive, high-throughput military communications to geographically dispersed forces
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The U.S. agency overseeing defense research has selected Silvus Technologies Inc., a developer of multi-input multi-output (MIMO) wireless technology, to provide prototype development of the “Fixed Wireless at a Distance” program.
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded Silvus a $1 million contract to develop the Phase I prototype of the Fixed Wireless at a Distance program under sponsorship of the Air Force Research Lab.
Current military communication systems have limited ability to support mobile, distributed operations in remote geographic areas due to the small size of networks and relatively short range of individual military radios, according to Silvus. The Fixed Wireless at a Distance program seeks to enable pervasive, high-throughput military communications to geographically dispersed forces using a mobility backbone infrastructure that provides unlimited scalability for high-speed communication for warfighters, the company says.

Silvus says its approach aims to deliver on the metrics listed in the program’s broad agency announcement and deliver a fully self-organizing and highly-scalable communications solution. Advanced MIMO techniques and proprietary media access control protocols will be exploited to seamlessly scale from as few as 10 distributed antennas to as many as 100 antennas, or more, the company says. The anticipated resulting deliverable will be a distributed multi-antenna communication system that delivers performance on par with that of a centralized multi-antenna system.

Silvus Technologies is “delighted” to work with DARPA” to move next-generation technology closer to reality, says Phillip Duncan, the company’s chief operating officer and vice president of business development. “With years of experience developing MIMO technologies for military and commercial applications, Silvus is uniquely positioned to leverage its expertise to bring a much needed capability to the warfighter,” he said.


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