U.S. Army to Employ AR for Synthetic Training Environment

Designed to provide realistic fight training for soldiers
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FORT BELVOIR, VA.—There is a difference between training for combat and a soldier’s first experience in it, but the U.S. Army is seeking to help diminish that difference by employing augmented reality for a new training regiment.

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Using AR live training, the army has developed a Synthetic Training Environment to provide an immersive training experience to develop operational, institutional and self-development training domains. This brings together the virtual, constructive and gaming training environments into a single STE for Army Active and Reserve Components, as well as civilians. The army intends to use this program for training services to its ground, dismounted and aerial platforms and command post points of need.

The STE virtual military equipment uses commercial off-the-shelf and government off-the-shelf hardware. The STE is a software solution and will not require production line for custom hardware. It will utilize integration line to integrate COTS and GOTS hardware.

Currently, the program is in the Pre-Material Development Decision phase; Milestone Decision Authority and ACAT will be determined at MDD.


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