U.S. Army Orders More Mini Robots For Ground Troops

An additional 385 ReconRobotics’ Recon Scout XT were acquired in a $5.8 million contract.
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The U.S. Army has order nearly 400 additional miniature reconnaissance robots from ReconRobotics Inc for use as intelligence gathering devices by ground troops.

In a $5.8 million contract, the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force and the Special Operations Command ordered 385 of ReconRobotics’ Recon Scout XT micro-robot kits. Those robots can be used by troops to convert any Recon Scout Throwbot into a pole camera, the company says.

The Recon Scout XT weighs 1.2 pounds, can be deployed in 5 seconds and thrown up to 120 feet. Nearly 2,000 Recon Scout Throwbot systems have been deployed by the U.S. military and international forces and by hundreds of law enforcement agencies worldwide.

“Nothing makes us more proud than designing and building products that help our U.S. armed forces safely and successfully complete their missions,” said Ernest Langdon, ReconRobotics’ director of Military Programs.

“Our military sees these durable, easy-to-deploy micro-robots as a critical piece of gear for dismounted troops, not unlike their ballistic vests and helmets,” he said. “Not only do these robots provide immediate visual reconnaissance that saves lives, but they do so without substantially increasing the carry burden of our U.S. Special Forces and dismounted fire teams.”