UN General Assembly Streaming Live on iPhone and iPad

Viewers worldwide will get an unfiltered look at how UN delegates address global issues.
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New York — A leading producer of online videos is tasked with providing the first-ever official live mobile video stream of the 2010 UN General Assembly, and those streams can be accessed on iPhones and iPads.

In a written statement, NetworkGlobal Companies, the online producer, says by streaming the video live, viewers worldwide will get an unfiltered look at how UN delegates address global issues.

NetworkGlobal, which considers itself to be an alternative to mainstream media, says its NGB.tv video library can be streamed on iPhones and iPads, and that the latest NetworkGlobal app—available for free from iTunes—also allows mobile users to stream the pre-recorded libraries of NGB.tv’s news, politics and social issue videos that have been uploaded by independent contributors from around the world.

NetworkGlobal, headquartered in Manhattan, says it receives contributions from independent producers worldwide, therefore its “production facilities lie wherever their independent contributors can shoot a camera and plug-in a laptop to edit and upload the video.” Those independent contributors produce “tens of millions of streams per month,” putting NetworkGlobal alongside many cable news outlets in terms of audience reach, it says.

VideoPublishing.com, a leading online video platform, powers the NGB.tv mobile application. Kiran Ponamgi, VideoPublishing.com’s vice president of customer relations, says the company is “pleased to be working with NetworkGlobal to support this innovative and important mobile application and make the proceedings of UN General Assembly accessible to a wider audience,” In addition, “NGB’s focus on important global social issues sets them apart from many other online and mobile video initiatives and we look forward to helping them grow,” he said.