UAV Consultant Holding Seminars on Use of Drones

Sessions to focus on the manufacturers, UAV products and operation of those aircraft
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Unmanned Concepts, a Virginia-based unmanned-aerial-vehicle consulting firm, plans to hold five seminars on UAVs to familiarize potential users with the operation of drones, the products associated with UAVs and the manufacturers of those aircraft.

The seminars are to occur through July and August at different cities, according to UC. The date of each seminar, the city it is to be held in and the topic of each are, July 15, Washington, a general overview of UAVs; July 17, Reston, Va., a law-enforcement seminar, July 24, Houston, an oil-industry seminar; July 31, Palo Alto, Calif., a seminar on innovative uses for UAV technologies; and Aug. 12, New York, a business-seminar, the company said.
Because of “the tremendous potential growth of this industry into the law enforcement and private sectors, UC created these seminars to inform users of all the elements of UAV operations and dispel any myths regarding UAV capabilities and uses,” the consulting firm said.
“Everyone thinks military when they think UAV, but the potential of these systems has yet to be fully realized,” said Tom Velte, UC’s president. “Law enforcement is the next logical step, but beyond that to major industries such as energy, air cargo, farming, shipping, the possibilities are exciting,” said Velte, who added, “This is a crucial time for this industry as it develops in the U.S. and internationally, which is why we are offering these seminars.”
Although each seminar will be tailored to the specific uses for the industry on which it is focused, the attendees will receive a brief history of unmanned technology as well as information on the variety of airframes and cameras available, UC said.
In addition, each seminar will include a review of the legal aspects of using UAVs in the U.S. by a privacy law expert, the consultant said.
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