U. of Kentucky Deploying Next Level Security Systems’ Solutions

NLSS Gateway among the products being deployed
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The University of Kentucky is deploying a number of products from Next Level Security Systems, a developer of unified, networked security solutions. Among the products deployed include Next Level’s flagship product, the NLSS Gateway.
The Gateway is a unified security management system that combines Internet protocol video management, access control, video analytics and intrusion into one appliance, enabling the university to increase campus safety for its more than 40,000 students, faculty and support staff, Next Level says.
“The integrated appliance approach delivered by the NLSS Gateway allows the University of Kentucky to rapidly pinpoint potential issues and respond quickly, leading to a proactive approach to security,” said Peter Jankowski, Next Level’s chairman and CEO. “The integration of video, access control and other systems into one appliance creates a tremendous amount of cost savings and sustainability for the University of Kentucky,” he adds.
More than 2,000 video surveillance cameras will deliver comprehensive coverage over the campus’ more than 800 acres, and more than 40,000 individuals will be enrolled as cardholders, according to NLSS.
The Gateway’s 11 built-in video analytics provide real-time alerts based on customized user parameters to increase the efficiency of campus security personnel, the company says. Based on open standards, the NLSS Gateway will be integrated with the university’s mass notification system and Talk-a-Phone emergency call stations to further streamline awareness and system management, says NLSS, which adds the university can also leverage NLSS Cloud Services to enable remote access and multi-site security management from any location.