Toshiba Unveils Surveillance Camera

The IK-WP41A pan/tilt/zoom Internet protocol dome camera is designed to provide broad surveillance coverage outdoors
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Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products Group introduces the IK-WP41A pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) Internet protocol (IP) dome camera.

Designed to provide broad surveillance coverage outdoors, the camera features full 1080p HD video resolution, optical zoom to help identify distant objects, 360 degree continuous pan for overview surveillance, along with high-speed PTZ to precisely follow moving objects, Toshiba says.

The camera’s self-contained IP66-rated weatherproof housing protects sensitive electronics from adverse conditions, saving the user the expense of buying a separate environmental enclosure, the company says. Power over Ethernet (PoE) further simplifies installation because a single Ethernet cable is required to transmit video, power and PTZ controls, according to Toshiba. Plus, because a single IK-WP41A provides as much video coverage as six standard resolution cameras (VGA), it can provide coverage of larger areas with fewer cameras, thereby reducing installation and maintenance expenses.

Infrared technology enables the IK-WP41A to capture details even in near complete darkness, Toshiba says. In addition, H.264 video compression preserves bandwidth on the network while streaming full-frame 1080p resolution video at 30 frames-per-second. Outfitted with dual-streaming H.264 and MJPEG, the camera cansimultaneously produce high-quality 720p images for live viewing and recording plus transmit JPEG images to a remote server or handheld device.

“With its high-speed pan, tilt and zoom, the new IK-WP41A won’t miss a detail when monitoring public spaces, parking lots, transportation centers, and warehouses,” said Sergio Collazo, Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products Group’s national sales & marketing manager. “It will accurately follow a moving subject at a distance to provide information critical to an investigation, such as a license plate or facial features.”