Toshiba Designs IP Network Dome Camera for Pro Video Surveillance

Camera is suitable for indoor, outdoor applications
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IRVINE, CALIF.—Toshiba Surveillance and IP Video is now shipping its IK-WR14A two-megapixel IP network dome camera capable of capturing 1080p video at 30 frames-per-second, indoors or outdoors.

The camera incorporates remote optical zoom, one-touch remote focus and a new cable management system based on time-saving Power over Ethernet. In addition, the IK-WR14A is ONVIF compliant.

The camera’s two-megapixel CMOS sensor enables it to capture both facial features and license plates on moving cars. In addition, because the sensor will also scan large viewing areas, a single IK-WR14A can replace as many as five standard resolution (640 x 480) cameras. The camera’s capabilities are enhanced by a 3x optical zoom lens system that offers a wide angle of view.

Toshiba deploys Single Reflection LED technology that provides edge-to-edge lighting for night-vision down to 0 lux. Built-in day/night IR filters remove unnecessary colors in near complete darkness for sharp black-and-white images. For backlighting difficulties confronted when cameras face bright outside daylight, the IK-WR14A features a wide dynamic range that optimizes visibility by taking two samples of the same image.

The IK-WR14A features a vandal-resistant IP66 outdoor metal housing, along with an electronic tamper-detection system that senses whenever the lens has been blocked, spray painted or redirected and the camera immediately responds to tampering with an email emergency notification.

Two-way audio and H.264 space-saving compression round-out the feature set.