Toledo, Ohio Eyes City Wide Surveillance System

Leaders could decide on a 150-camera system by the end of February
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Toledo, Ohio lawmakers could decide on the deployment of a city wide video surveillance system consisting of 150 cameras by the end of February, published reports say.

Toledo’s City Council could vote on the video surveillance issue when it next meets on Feb. 28. In addition, the council’s Public Safety, Law and Criminal Justice Committee already has heard a proposal to supplement police with the SkyCop video surveillance system.

SkyCop provides audio/video surveillance with state-of-the-art remote video and audio monitoring and recording system that are designed to be deployed in locations that have a high potential for criminal activity, says ESI Companies, the firm that markets SkyCop. The units are typically installed on poles, mobile trailers, or buildings and can monitor and record activities with camera coverage capabilities of 360 degrees at distances up to several thousand feet. SkyCop has the capability of locally recording video and audio, which can be downloaded by a wireless or hardwired network.

Toledo is considering deploying a video surveillance system because of a recent spike in shootings, including the shooting of 11 people during a single week.

Council members say the plan is for Toledo to purchase 150 cameras at a cost of $1.7 million, and deploy them at intersections and on police cruisers. The cameras are not intended to replace officers on the street, city officials say.