Tightrope Issues v6.3 of Cablecast Broadcast Automation Platform

Features new IP support and live keying capabilities
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ST. PAUL, MINN.—Tightrope Media Systems is lending a hand to community TV broadcasters with the roll out of v6.3 of its Cablecast Broadcast Automation platform. New to the platform is IP support for Cablecast Flex servers and expanded channel branding abilities that enable the keying of visual elements and messages over live video sources.

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A new RTP input option for v6.3 enables Cablecast Flex servers to directly ingest H.264-encoded RTP streams, allowing for the delivery of live feeds of events from remote sites over an IP network without needing a dedicated receiver or decoder unit at the station. The IP input also expands the number of sources that a station can manage with a single Cablecast Flex 4 server. Now, all Cablecast functionality available with SDI sources can be used with IP inputs, including live broadcasting, recording, channel branding and live streaming to online and mobile viewers.

The Cablecast 6.3’s new live channel branding capabilities enable Cablecast Flex servers to key station logo bugs, text crawls and graphics over live input sources. The new live overlay features also help customers display emergency messages to community viewers regardless of whether the channel is showing live or pre-recorded programming. Live branding can be applied to both SDI and IP-based inputs.

The Cablecast 6.3 upgrade is free for Cablecast Flex customers, with the IP input support being available as a chargeable option for Cablecast 6.3 users.