Thermal Imaging Joins Fight Against Swine Flu

But thermal detection alone has its limits, since people can carry the virus without other symptoms. 
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Around the world, airports are trying to check travelers for telltale heat (i.e., infrared radiation) that could indicate fever, and possibly swine flu.

Cantronic Systems Inc., maker of such systems, said Tuesday it delivered its FeverScan M3000D dual-vision thermal imaging camera system to El Salvador, at the request of the Salvadoran government. This fever scanning and monitoring system will be installed immediately at the San Salvador Comalapa International Airport in an effort to combat the possible spread of Swine flu.

The FeverScan M3000D system works by reading the facial temperature of people within its view. It is a non-invasive mass screening tool that health officials can use to single out people who need closer examinations. Individuals with elevated body temperatures above a predefined value, such as in the case of a fever, can be visually identified and then further assessed by health personnel.

Fever scanning systems were first implemented for use at airports during the 2003 SARS outbreak. Cantronic's FeverScan system is used in airports in Asia and the Caribbean.

But thermal detection alone has its limits, since people can carry the virus without other symptoms.

Wired magazine has more on the issue here.

Friday, May 1, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services made a series of Swine Flu PSAs available to TV and radio stations by satellite and over the National Association of Broadcasters' SpotCenter.



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