Thermal Camera Technology New Tool for Firefighters

Things that all firefighters need, an axe, a hose and a thermal camera?
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FLINTSHIRE, WALES—Things that all firefighters need, an axe, a hose and a thermal camera? While the latter might not be a tool traditionally associated for firefighters, new thermal imaging technology is proving to be a major improvement.

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Photo credit: Scott Safety

Taylor Dowding Innovation, a Flintshire, Wales-based company, has developed a thermal imaging software that can be used with Scott Safety designed small cameras and attached inside firefighter’s masks, providing a micro-screen that displays thermal images in real time. Called Scott Sight, this technology has reportedly been in use in the U.S. for six months, and is soon expected to be deployed at fire stations in Europe.

The goal of this technology, Scott Safety told BBC News, is to give firefighters back their sight and free up their hands for other fire fighting tasks.


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