Texas City Deploys Alvarion Wireless Broadband System

High-speed wireless network, video surveillance expected to enhance public safety and optimize traffic flow
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The City of Richardson, Texas has contracted Alvarion Ltd., an Israeli producer of optimized wireless broadband solutions, to deploy a wireless municipal network that taps into the city’s video surveillance network and deliver live feeds to police headquarters and to an emergency operations center.
Richardson selected Alvarion’s BreezeMAX Extreme solution for its “non-stop reliability,” says Steve Graves, the city’s chief information officer. “We are very excited about this project and more so to be going ahead with an Alvarion solution that is founded on solid technologies working together to meet our ongoing needs and budgetary constraints,” he added.
Inspired by similar networks in other U.S. cities, Richardson officials decided to introduce a wireless traffic digitalization system designed to improve traffic flow into and throughout the city. The resulting improvement in coordination of traffic signals and incident response, will gradually increase regional air quality, provide a tool for local government to better manage changes in traffic and essentially improve the overall quality of life for residents and commuters, according to Richardson.
To determine which systems was the best for the city, Richardson conducted a “proof of concept” process during which various mesh solutions were reviewed, Graves said. “We quickly realized that the only equipment that offered us the non-stop reliability we require is the BreezeMAX Extreme, so we went for an end-to-end Alvarion wireless broadband network,” he said.
Alvarion’s BreezeMAX Extreme base stations have been deployed on various water towers and tall buildings across the city to enable ubiquitous coverage.
With more than 5,000 businesses operating within Richardson’s 28 square miles, including several of the world’s largest telecommunications/networking companies, traffic has become a major priority for local government.
The high-quality feeds can also be viewed from any PC monitor within the public safety network. The network also supports the city’s public safety radio applications.