Switronix Debuted the ‘FlyPack’ Power Distributor

Unit is available in two different models
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Switronix debuted its latest power distributor, the FlyPack, which is a scaled-down version of a similar product, the JetPack.

The FlyPack is an all-in-one power distributor, featuring an all aluminum chassis, with three 1/4-20 threads on the back for easy mounting, Switronix said. It is available in two different models, the 5v/7.2v/12v base model and the 5v/12v/12v 212 model.

The FlyPack includes a powertap cable, which accepts power input from 12-17vdc, as well as a USB output, a 5v Lemo output and a 7.2v-regulated output, according to Switronix. The FlyPack can power a camcorder, a digital single lens reflex camera, a video-processing converter and an audio recorder, all from one device, the company said.

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