Swedish Parliament Picks Vizrt for Video Portal

The portal is designed to bring different media sources together and provide live and on-demand video of speeches, debates and more to the Swedish public and media.
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The Sveriges Riksdag (the Swedish Parliament) is overhauling its Web portal and automated its workflow using a digital asset management system from Norway-based Vizrt. The portal is designed to bring different media sources together and provide live and on-demand video of speeches, debates and more to the Swedish public and media.

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Viz Ardome in action The s newly automated workflow is based on Vizrt products including Viz Ardome—a system that stores media and provides identifying metadata, converts video files to other formats, and provides editing capability.

“Because Viz Ardome automates everything from ingest to delivery, it will save the Parliament countless man-hours needed to prepare and deliver substantial amounts of video,” said Parham Azimi, sales manager of media asset management products for Vizrt’s EMEA region. “It also provides instant access to content and metadata, integrates with external information sources, and is easily scalable for future needs.”

As video arrives from the Parliament’s in-house production facility, the Viz Ardome ingests, transcodes and transfers it to servers for Web streaming or download, and automatically updates it. Vizrt products also support a parallel content management workflow where staff can make creative decisions about the content—organizing, adding metadata and editing.

Without this new Viz Ardome-based workflow, the Parliament might have had to scale back their Web portal expansion plans, according to Azimi.

“Vizrt is very excited about this project because it clearly demonstrates how well our products can serve non-traditional environments in addition to broadcasting,” he said.

In addition to the company’s traditional television broadcast roots, Vizrt products are in use for the display of real-time graphics on scoreboards within soccer stadiums; to drive news media web sites; store massive libraries of video and graphic data for the government and corporations; and to provide one graphical user interface on a single screen for security applications that integrate large amounts of video and graphic information. For example, the New York Stock Exchange uses Vizrt’s Viz Virtual Studio for its NYSE MarkeTrac Live, a virtual set that provides financial reporters and Web viewers with live market data for inclusion in financial newscasts.

The Riksdag's current portal is based upon an early version of Viz Ardome. Parliament officials chose the latest version because it allows them to manage more extensive live streaming, video-on-demand, and searchable archives of virtually unlimited amounts of content. It also lets Swedish news outlets log in, search for video, browse in low-resolution, and even request their video selections be sent directly to their broadcast servers in high resolution and ready for air.

The complementary tools in this Viz Ardome workflow include: Viz Dart and Viz Capture to ingest video feeds, files, and tapes; Viz EasyCut, Viz PreCut, Viz MediaLogger for proxy-based video editing; and Viz VideoEngine, a two-channel multiformat video server. There’s also Viz Adactus, a content delivery platform geared to new media devices.

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