Studio Technologies’ ‘07X-series’ Compatible With 4K Camera Systems

The latest version of Studio Technologies ‘Live-Link Remote Camera Interface System’ is suited for live sports and event productions
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Studio Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of audio, video and fiber-optic products for the professional audio, installation and broadcast markets, unveiled the 07X-series, the latest ver

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sion of its Live-Link Remote Camera Interface System that is now compatible with 4K camera systems.
Especially suited for live sports and event productions, the 07X-series provides all the power and flexibility of its standard ‘Live-Link’ systems along with the unique resources required by broadcasters seeking a 4K solution, Studio Technologies says.
The camera end unit of the 07X-series features four 3G-SDI-compatible inputs to accommodate data-intensive 4K digital video streams and an additional 3G/HD/SD-SDI input for an alternate digital video stream, Studio Technologies says. The camera end unit also includes a 3G/HD/SD-SDI return from the control room unit for confidence monitoring, the firm says, adding that all signals are transported using just two strands of single-mode fiber, one each for signals in each direction.
The Live-Link 07X-series is designed to make 4K-camera location deployment quick and easy, Studio Technologies says. The system is a complete solution for transporting 4K and monitor video, on-air audio, intercom and interruptible feedback communications, and data between the camera position in the field and a production vehicle or studio, the company adds.
“The new 4K-compatible Live-Link system is camera agnostic and is directly compatible with several manufacturer’s products,” says Gordon Kapes, Studio Technologies’ president. “As 4K production matures, and different cameras and processing equipment are introduced to the market, the new Live-Link system will remain a valuable part of the 4K production environment,” he says.
“Operating over two strands of single-mode fiber-optic cable makes interconnecting the units very simple, Studio Technologies says. The camera side offers four analog microphone/line sends (camera to control room) with selectable gain and 48 V phantom power, along with two analog audio returns (control room to camera). Live-Link 07X also incorporates a 2-channel IFB output (camera side) and two four-wire interfaces (on the control room unit) that transitions to a two-channel party-line intercom circuit on the camera end, the company says.
The PL “comms” system features an auto nulling function that leads to great audio quality, Studio Technologies says. Both the PL intercom and IFB outputs provide DC power to support industry-standard user devices, the firm says. In addition, the system includes 10/100 Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422 data transport as well as support for GPI/GPO control signals.