Sperry West Unveils ‘Passive Infrared’ Camera, Motion Sensor

Unit does not produce a glow that betrays itself as a camera
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Sperry West, a producer of surveillance cameras and kits, unveils its SW2600IRDVR passive infrared detector which works as a video camera and a motion sensor and can “see” in total darkness without producing a tell-tale glow that betrays itself as a camera.

The SW2600IRDVR is a covert camera and digital recorder that records internally and provides high resolution images in both total darkness and lighted areas, Sperry West says. The camera’s infrared “light” is completely invisible, but the camera “sees” perfectly in the dark, the company says.

In addition, the unit’s built in infrared array turns on automatically and is focused to the lens’ angulation, providing pictures regardless of the light, the firm says. Whenever motion occurs, high resolution moving images are recorded to an SD card, which can be re-played on laptop or desktop computers, the company adds.