SpectralCal Unveiled Test-Pattern Generator ‘VirtualForge’

Product uses video-playback technologies from AJA Video Systems
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SpectraCal Inc., a producer of video-calibration software, unveils VirtualForge, a software package that makes professional-quality test patterns for monitors using video-playback technologies from AJA Video Systems.

Users of video-calibration systems often ask why a PC cannot be used to generate test patterns, said Derek Smith, SpectraCal’s chief technical officer. “The answer is that you can’t trust the video card to pass the patterns through perfectly,” he said.

Users of those systems have to be able to completely trust their pattern generator or the “calibration is worthless,” Smith said. VirtualForge uses video-output hardware from AJA Video Systems to deliver test patterns accurately, according to Smith. “The difference here is that you can trust AJA,” he said.

In addition, potential users will want to know that VirtualForge is an affordable product when compared to earlier SpectraCal video-calibration systems, according to Smith.

“Even though SpectraCal already made the best hardware-pattern generators available, their price put them out of range for too many people who know they need to calibrate their displays” Smith said. VirtualForge enables video calibration to fit into a budget “without sacrificing accuracy,” he added.

Because VirtualForge is affordable, SpectraCal said the system is expected to expand the reach of video calibration. “Recent advances in colorimetry have delivered extremely accurate meters at previously unimaginable prices, so the high price of test-pattern generators remained the primary obstacle to wide adoption of defensible calibration practices in the industry,” said Joshua Quain, SpectraCal’s director of marketing. “With the VirtualForge, there’s no longer an excuse for not making sure your monitors are telling the truth,” Quain said.

Click here for a free download evaluation of VirtualForge.


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