Spectra Logic Opens Washington Technology Center

More than 200 Federal agencies use Spectra’s data protection solutions for backup and archive.
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Spectra Logic Federal, a division of Spectra Logic Corp. is opening a technology center in Washington, D.C., offering a training center for customers, prospects and partners, a technology laboratory for customer demonstrations, and meeting space for Spectra Logic Federal sales and engineering staff.

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Spectra Logic T680

More than 200 Federal agencies—including DoD, Departmenmt of Energy, DHS, NIH and the Pentagon—use Spectra’s data protection solutions for backup and archive. The equipment is integrated in asset management equipment by companies including Masstech and Front Porch Digital.

Spectra Logic is responding to the increased use of HD, which is multiplying users’ storage needs. The company’s modular T-Series tape storage systems are designed for long-term, deep storage using banks of tape cartridges that don’t consume the energy of spinning disk. It’s an efficient solution with about 1.6 terabytes of storage—about 4,000 times what a Blu-ray disc holds—on a single $50 cartridge.

The new Spectra T680, aimed at large mid-range or small entities, stores a full petabyte of data in a single unit and provides a seamless growth path to more than 10,000 storage slots. Up to eight of the units can be used together for about 8 petabytes of data.

It provides two to three times more storage density per square foot of floor space, and consumes approximately half the power of competing mid-range libraries in matching configurations, the company said.

Spectra Logic’s BlueScale software now covers the new T680, offering a single management layer for all Spectra tape libraries and disk solutions.

The system has improved its proactive notification technology to alert users to unusual conditions or degrading media. Each tape cartridge has an RFID chip informing the system of its usage history. A robotic arm serves up the tapes as needed.

For data requiring more frequent day-to-day access, the company’s nTier disk storage system offers a smaller rack that holds 1 TB disks that each run about $300 to $400 but provide instantaneous access to the data.

Spectra Logic www.spectralogic.com


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