Southwest Releases Four High Gain Sector Antennas

Antennas designed for MIMO radio systems used in law enforcement
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SAN DIEGO– Southwest Antennas has released four new high gain 90° sector antennas designed to be used for 2X2 and 4X4 MIMO radio systems. The antennas give law enforcement community end-users of the 2.4GHz ISM broadcast band new options and tools to accommodate their MIMO radio systems.

The high gain 90° sector antenna designs are available in 2X2 and 4X4 MIMO input options for the federal law enforcement bands, 2.2-2.5GHz, the 4.4-5.0GHz C-Band for the ISM broadcast S-Bands. The antennas use an alternating left slant and right slant for antenna polarization and are housed a white, rugged Kydex radome.

Each MIMO 90° sector antenna comes with a pole mounting kit that allows for an adjustable 0° to -15° down tilt. RF Filters can be added to the inside or outside of the antenna for crowded RF environments. The MIMO 90° sector antennas are available now. For more information visit Southwest Antennas’ website.