Sony Introduces HXR-NX3 Professional Handheld HD Camcorder

New camera slots in at lower end of Sony's pro lineup.
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PARK RIDGE, N.J. – Sony’s new HXR-NX3 professional handheld HD camcorder boasts features such as Wi-Fi capability and MP4 recording for seamless connectivity with computers, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

The latest addition to Sony’s NXCAM line, the compact HXR-NX3 model combines Sony’s leading lens and sensor technology with a new large-scale integration (LSI) chip. The result is advanced noise reduction and distortion correction technologies to handle image processing, allowing clear, low-noise recordings even in low light with enhanced texture and detail.

“Video professionals need to deliver content for the web and mobile platforms, as well as traditional production applications,” said Chiyoko Yannette, senior marketing manager for Sony Electronics Professional Solutions of America group. “The HXR-NX3 is flexible enough to handle any videographer’s needs, andis destined to become the next ‘go to’ camcorder for handheld field production, combining high-quality performance, adaptability and ease of use.

The HXR-NX3 camcorder can easily connect with other devices for remote control or file transfer. Smartphones or tablets (iOS versions 4.3 through 7.0 and Android versions 2.3 through 4.3) can remotely control the HXR-NX3 through a Wi-Fi connection and video files can be transferred from the camcorder to a smartphone. 

The HXR-NX3 also has a Near-Field Communication (NFC) chipset which allows users to establish a Wi-Fi connection simply by touching an NFC compatible smartphone or tablet computer on the camcorder. The camcorder uses Sony’s Exmor CMOS sensor system with three 1/2.8” sensors, for a 1920 x 1080 full HD pixel count. Red, blue and green signals are independently and accurately captured by separate image sensors, contributing to high resolution, high sensitivity and wide dynamic range for more natural color reproduction. Sony’s G lens has a 28.8mm angle of view at the wide end and a 20x optical zoom range. In addition, the new LSI has a 40x “Clear Image Zoom” technology to offer 1152mm focal length with virtually the same quality as optical zoom.

The HXR-NX3 records video in the AVCHD 2.0 format, including 1080/60P. The HDMI connector provides uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2 while shooting and allows users to record high-quality images on an external video recorder.