Sonifex Debuts Cellular Audio Hybrid

Telephone hybrid connects to cellular GSM networks
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IRTHLINGBOROUGH, England — Sonifex recently debuted the DHY-04G single automatic GSM hybrid. This is a digital GSM hybrid which uses a quad-band 2G/GSM cellular connection instead of an analog POTS line, converting the GSM call to the four-wire audio signal to-and-from a connected mixing console. It is ideal for studios in remote locations, for OB vans and trucks on the move, and in emergency situations where a telephone landline can’t be installed.

With AES/EBU and analog I/O with Ethernet, the DHY-04G can be connected in any facility. The unit accepts a SIM card in the rear-panel slot. By connecting a suitable GSM antenna, the DHY-04G can receive and make high-quality broadcast calls over the cellular network. The GSM module used in the DHY-04G is quad-band GSM, so it can take and make calls on any 2G network.